The viral video of a couple seated on the floor, engaging in a passionate kiss in Delhi Metro, sparked widespread outrage among viewers.

Delhi Metro Viral Video: Despite the stringent rules and regulations enforced by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), certain individuals persist in displaying inappropriate behavior within the metro system. Another distressing video showcasing such conduct has recently gained significant attention. The video captures a couple unabashedly engaged in a passionate kiss on the metro floor.


In the video, a man is observed seated on the floor of the Delhi Metro, with his girlfriend lying on his lap. While the couple engages in a passionate kiss, another individual in front of them records the incident on video. It is crucial to acknowledge that such behavior not only lacks propriety but also contravenes the rules and regulations set forth by the DMRC.

DMRC issued guidelines

In light of the recurring instances of explicit content captured within the Delhi Metro, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has implemented guidelines. According to a recent release, DMRC has advised commuters to dress modestly and maintain appropriate conduct while utilizing the metro system. This directive was prompted by the circulation of a viral photograph depicting a girl wearing objectionable attire during her metro journey.


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