10 Ways to Improve Website Ranking on Search Engines with Digital Marketing

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Currently, India has over 5.7 million registered website domains, indicating the significant growth of the digital marketing sector. Nowadays, every company is venturing into online business through websites. Moreover, if you possess web development skills, opportunities abound as you can receive daily orders for website creation. Many young individuals in fields like entertainment, education, sports, digital marketing, and graphic design are earning substantial income by developing websites. If you aspire to create your own website and earn from it, consider pursuing a successful digital marketing course.

How to rank website 

Once you acquire the knowledge of website development, it is essential to consistently update the content within the website’s sections. Additionally, to obtain website approval, you need to accomplish 10 specific tasks. Seeking assistance from an SEO specialist can greatly aid you in completing these tasks effectively.

    1. Meta Title: The meta title holds significant importance for your website as it serves as a crucial identifier for Google search, conveying the essence and topic of your website.
    2. Meta Description: Google search displays a brief description of your website on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), providing users with a glimpse of what your website entails.
    3. Header Tag: It is crucial to remember that the H1 header tag holds utmost significance, and your website should only have one instance of it. The H2 and H3 tags, on the other hand, are employed as subheading tags.
    4. Image Optimization: It is vital for your image to align with the content of your website. Moreover, ensure that the size of the uploaded image does not exceed 1 MB.
    5. Page Load Time: When users visit your website, it should load and become visible within a short span of one and a half to two seconds.
    6. Responsive Design: Your website should possess responsive design, ensuring easy visibility and accessibility across all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers.
    7. Broken Links: Eliminate and update broken links to mitigate their negative impact on a business’s SEO performance.
    8. Keyword Optimization: Improving keyword optimization directly enhances the quality of your on-page SEO. By strategically optimizing your website, meta tags, and other factors with targeted keywords, you can significantly enhance your SEO performance.
    9. Internal links: Implementing internal linking not only boosts traffic to other pages within your website but also signifies the presence of high-quality SEO practices.
    10. External links: Incorporating external linking into your website provides users with additional valuable content and enhances both your website’s ranking and user experience.

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